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By | May 24, 2018

Hello folks.

Mile High Agile, even though just a two-day conference, felt like a whole week of focused effort. As you probably know, Org Mindset was a platinum sponsor of the conference and I had a presentation on day 2: “Addressing the Reductionist Mindset in Your Lean-Agile Transformation”. Very many people came by our booth, discussed our trainings, we talked about their challenges and plans in terms of transformation effort. Many old friends came to the conference, many new people we’ve met.

At the end of day one our impatience took over and we decided to do an experiment and provide a little transformation self-assessment handout that would allow people to quickly perform self-assessment just with a pencil, right on the spot. That seemed to have worked really well plus what could be more Agile than creating a deliverable overnight (including printing job; thanks to local Kinkos for quick turnaround).

BTW, you can get the electronic version of the same in our Products menu. It’s a method-agnostic (like everything we do) 50,000 ft view on your organization. Hope you’ll find some valuable insights out of that.

The room was full for the talk I mentioned above. We had plenty of people standing at the back wall. Good interaction with the audience, good questions! I enjoyed presenting it a lot to that audience!

Here’s the presentation file:

Lastly, I think the conference was really well organized. We were interacting with the committee for quite a while (as a sponsor, we had a ton of things to do leading to the conference itself) and that collaboration was really effective (thanks to Lissette Wells, among other people who helped us in the process). The conference was fully ran by volunteers and they did a very good job!

A quick reminder on side topic. We have a webinar on May 30 on “Enabling Dynamic Interactions and Flow of Value“. You are very welcome to join!

Stay tuned and have a great Lean-Agile rest of your day,


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