New Book: Pursuing Enterprise Outcomes

By | August 15, 2020

Hello, Friends. My new book, PURSUING ENTERPRISE OUTCOMES: Maximizing Business Value and Improving Strategy for Organizations and Teams, is out and available for purchase via Amazon.

Enjoy the read, and here’s a brief book description for you:

Today’s enterprises are overwhelmed with complex tasks in marketing, business development, software engineering, IT infrastructure, talent management, and other critical areas. Yet a large number of those tasks fail to deliver desired outcomes, despite tremendous spend.

A must-read for leaders at every level, Pursuing Enterprise Outcomes provides answers that will boost your ability to succeed with your challenging initiatives. You will learn how to identify organizational disconnects and complex bottlenecks that prevent you from succeeding with your mission; discover and progressively refine outcomes and the business value that they deliver; drive the emergence of a complex solution that will help achieve the outcomes; discover and develop leverage points that will offer you a strategic advantage. You will learn to see the opportunity for creating enterprise value where others can’t see it.

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