Addressing the Reductionist Mindset in Your Lean-Agile Transformation

Many organizations fail to benefit from Lean and Agile because the organization’s mindset and culture remain unchanged. In this talk, Alex Yakyma presents a number of practices that facilitate the growth of new mindset and cultural scenarios – tools every enterprise coach should master.


The most critical transformation is not the one that happens with processes and tools. The most important shift is the one that happens in the organization’s mindset and culture. As an industry, we have developed a large number of Lean and Agile practices, and yet the mindset of most of the organizations remains largely the same, relying on Reductionist Thinking – a thought process that is contrary to Agility, Innovation and Product Development Flow.  Addressing the reductionist mindset requires purposeful, focused action on the part of enterprise coaches and transformation agents. In this presentation, Alex Yakyma will discuss the following topics:

  • Certainty Bias and its influence on enterprise practices and policies
  • Establishing a new culture that embraces uncertainty and variability
  • Operating with assumptions and assumption chains in business strategy, user requirements, architecture, implementation strategy, etc.
  • Aligning individual motivation with value delivery
  • Creating flexibility to foster emergent behavior
  • Establishing cross-level learning in the organization

The talk outlines practical advice with respect to the steps in growing a new mindset. The presentation includes a number of organizational anti-patterns as well as suggestions of how to avoid them.

Learning Outcomes

In this session participants will learn how to:

  • Diagnose the mindset problem in their organization
  • Spot key anti-patterns
  • Approach mindset change