Anti-Pattern: Easy Pill

Easy Pill is an example of management mentality that considers organizational transformation towards Lean and Agile as a simple, predictable, back-to-back exercise that can be performed by trained professionals in a controlled manner.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This mentality is a direct result of the Reductionist Mindset. The following is key to remember and use in building the right set of expectations:

  1. Adopting Agile and Lean is not equal to mere change of practices. Instead it entails a fundamental shift in the ways of thinking. Management mentality inevitably has to undergo significant change.
  2. Adopting Agile is not a fixed-scope, fixed-timeline project that can be fully planned out and then accurately executed. Changing mindset is one of the most volatile processes there is. Patience is required.
  3. Every organization goes through their unique journey. While there are some commonalities across the industry, the unique organizational culture and context makes it impossible to “repeat” someone else’s journey.

See also: Isolated Thinking anti-pattern.