Anti-Pattern: Output over Outcomes

Output over Outcomes underlines a mentality that favors scope and actual deliverables, over the business effect they are supposed to create. Output over Outcomes is a direct result of the Reductionist Mindset; actually a symptom thereof.

Output over Outcomes often comes in conjunction with and fundamentally relies on Obsession with Metrics. A typical example of this link is over-reliance on velocity of teams and programs as a measure of success.

A common setback of this anti-pattern is that it leads to:

  1. Development and delivery of low-value functionality
  2. Bloated codebase that makes it increasingly harder to build new features
  3. Unreasonable overload of knowledge workers

The task for the change agent is to grow Empirical Mindset and as part of that endeavor, especially instantiate cross-cutting feedback loops and ensure proper Feedback Loop Markers.

See also Linear Perception of Capacity anti-pattern.