Building Sustainable Organizational Habits at Scale

Lots of implementations of Agile and Lean suffer from a common problem: the newly adopted ways of working quickly deteriorate. In this talk, Alex Yakyma will discuss specific tools for making transformation outcomes sustainable and beneficial in the long term.


The new ways of ideating, planning and executing work, as well as learning from its outcomes, are relatively easy to introduce to an enterprise. Over time, however, they begin to deteriorate into a mixture of old habits camouflaged by a new Lean-Agile set of terminology and ceremonies. The goal of a transformation agent is to help the organization develop new effective habits that realize desirable outcomes at scale. Succeeding with this task requires specific effort. In this talk Alex will present the following areas critical to achieving sustainable transformation outcomes:

  • Transformation anti-patterns and methods of addressing them
  • Reinforcing feedback loops
  • Benefit-constraint analysis
  • Practice maps
  • Practice-specific mental models
  • Building flexibility into practices at scale

The talk will include discussion on adjusting the new ways of working to local context that varies not only across organizations, but also across different units and teams within the same enterprise. The conversation will include a deeper look at the key organizational factors that enable or, conversely, inhibit the new ways of working. These involve specific advice on changing leadership behavior, organizational structure, metrics and KPIs, planning and funding processes.

Learning Outcomes

In this session the participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize transformation anti-patterns
  • Approach building sustainable organizational habits at scale
  • Utilize organizational context to improve value delivery