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What Customers Say:

“Alex Yakyma’s Organizational Mindset course takes lean agile concepts to the next level by taking you on a journey to create an organizational mindset using both theory and practice. I have been able to use the exercises and practices used in this course for a magnitude of Enterprise Agile transformations. Thanks Alex for such a practical set of lean agile tools that can be used to drive enterprise agile transformations.”

– Dr. Gail Ferreira, OMEC, Lean Agile Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, @leanagilist


The Org Mindset Enterprise Coach class changed my thinking about what it means to coach Agile transformation at the enterprise level. Previously I had been inclined to regard the chief duty of my job as an enterprise Agile coach to be choosing the right set of changes to recommend given the particular issues manifest in the organization — and behold my handy coach’s toolbox full of useful Lean and Agile frameworks, methods, and practices to help them on their way! Now I see that for any Agile transformation, there is a deeper, more primordial issue to address: how to coach leadership and teams to embrace uncertainty, address divergent mental models, and instill the right feedback loops necessary to ensure our impact as coaches sustains.

– Andrew Long, OMEC, Managing Agile Consultant, LitheSpeed.


After the Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach Course with Alex Yakyma I immediately began practicing what I learned. The topics and tools covered offer the means to lead real, sustainable change in complex environments. It was one of the most valuable classes I’ve attended.

– Ti Mougne, OMEC, Agile Coach, Charles Schwab.


This was probably the most useful two days of training within the Enterprise Agile Coaching domain.   It was eye opening to share information with Alex about why organizations have a mental block in adopting agile values and succeeding  with lean practices.  The group activities with a class full of seasoned coaches was actually fun and enlightening. We understood better how a Complex Adaptive System behaves and areas that need focus and attention to really ‘Be Agile’

Overall, this experience was a model for effective expert training, and I personally look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Alex again in the future.

– Somnath Ghosh, OMEC, Tata Consultancy Services, Global Practice Partner – Strategic Agile DevOps Transformations.