Enterprise Lean-Agile Facilitator Course (OMEF)

Learning Objectives:

“Enterprise Lean-Agile Facilitator Course” is a two-day course for those whose role it is to facilitate effective interaction and collaboration within the enterprise. In this class you will learn how to:

  • Facilitate effective decision-making by organizational leaders and teams
  • Facilitate interaction and communication in the enterprise
  • Help the organization identify current bottlenecks and eliminate them
  • Foster self-organization at scale
  • Facilitate the organization’s responsiveness to change and ability to innovate
  • Help grow productive organizational culture
  • Cultivate sustainable organizational habits


Who is it for:

  • Scrum Masters working with multiple teams
  • Facilitators that support interactions of large units
  • Leaders that support team and unit interactions (development and engineering managers, project and program managers)
  • Facilitators that support organizational leadership


Course Content:

As part of the class, you will go through the following areas:

  • Complex Adaptive Systems
    • Organization as a sociotechnical system
    • Dynamic interactions within the enterprise
    • Emergence of contextual practices and interaction patterns
  • Organizational Decision-Making
    • Decisions in the environment of uncertainty
    • Mindset and mental models
    • Addressing cognitive bias
    • Facilitating outcome-oriented decision-making
    • Taking action and preserving flexibility
  • Organizational Planning
    • Incorporating alternatives in the plan
    • Assumptions vs. unknown unknowns
    • Managing assumption chains in the plan
    • Prioritization and scoping
    • Slicing end-to-end value
    • Bottleneck-based planning
    • Sustaining balance between plan divergence and the organization’s alignment
  • Execution
    • Organizational and time footprints of value
    • Team formations
    • Dynamic teaming and swarming
    • Skillset-aware self-organization
    • Real-time adjustment of execution
  • Measuring and Learning
    • Measuring and proxy-ing business outcomes
    • Mitigating side-effects of metrics
    • Instantiating cross-cutting feedback loops
    • Qualitative metrics and experimentation
    • Creating the “innovation pull”
  • Optimizing the Organization
    • Identifying the organization’s leverage points
    • Effective problem-solving
    • Fostering cultural shift
    • Building sustainable organizational habits



  • Basic knowledge of Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking
  • Experience facilitating interaction within the enterprise (team facilitation counts)


The course includes Org Mindset Enterprise Facilitator (OMEF) certification. Course participants will have the opportunity to take the exam.






See Course Schedule for more detail on the upcoming public classes.