Open Research

What is Org Mindset Open Research?

Part of our mission is to advance industry’s understanding of various aspects of organizational complexity. Anyone (individuals and organizations) can participate! The rules are fairly simple: all research results get published on Org Mindset website and therefore become available to the public. Proper attribution and authorship will be made for participants. The best way to think about this as of an “open source” model, only applied to research activities instead of product development. Participants volunteer to contribute and add value to the industry.

What Are the Research Areas?

Currently we have the following key domains of interest:

  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Cultural Change
  • Interaction Patterns within the Organization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Technical Complexity
  • Enterprise Economics and Decision-Making

How Can I Add Value?

While there may be various different ways to contribute, we would like to call out one in particular that will most surely be of value. The research is primarily empirical as our goal has always been to explore the actual organizational behavior and maintain substantial practical evidence of discovery in the field of organizational complexity. Therefore, specific empirical data and context that you could bring, would be a great example of such participation.

However, as we said before, there can be other ways to add value and the last thing we want to do is to over-constrain creativity.

Please note, however, that the desire to contribute is not enough. You need to have a clear idea of possible scenarios in which you could help the research. In other words, please be specific about the value you can bring. And please keep in mind that it’s the empirical evidence that matters to this research, while theoretical and speculative aspects are of a much lessor interest.

OK, I’m Sure I Can Add Value. What Are My Next Steps?

If you arrived at the conclusion that you are interested to participate and can add real value, please use the Contact Form to reach out to us. It’s that simple!