Welcome to our research page. Here we publish the results of research performed by Org Mindset or obtained in collaboration with other parties. An important part of our mission is to explore specific properties of complex development organizations and provide the foundations for better ways of managing and exploiting complexity to deliver value to society.

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Below are two categories of articles: I and II. Normally a study first gets published in Category II and reflects all required detail about the research itself. We do that for accurate reference so that anyone that wants to find out about how exactly a research was performed, what experiments were set up, how we collected the data and what are the confidence intervals for the statistics we provide. This however can be a level unnecessarily technical to a mainstream reader. Also, articles in Category II almost do not include any substantial depth of business or organizational interpretation of the results acquired. To better adapt the research to this purpose and make the results more accessible to the public, we maintain Category I. Articles in Category I reference corresponding research in Category II. As a shorthand, remember: Category I – easy read, Category II – harder because of the scientific rigor involved.


Category I

User-friendly research summaries with business and organizational interpretation (recommended):

Two-Thirds Effort Shift Rule: How Effort Is Shifting on Large Projects.

How Large Codebases Impedes the Flow of Value.


Category II

Original research (may include detailed technical aspects and mathematical apparatus):

Network Complexity and Volatility of Software Systems.

The Dynamic Nature of System Areas Affected by New Work.


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