Tool: Feedback Loop Marker

Feedback Loop Marker is a criterion that allows to quickly diagnose whether a specific feedback cycle is effective or not. Knowing specific markers for different types of feedback loops is very helpful to a successful transformation. Markers typically derive directly from the purpose of that particular feedback loop.

Example of a feedback cycle: Demo. A demo may have all formal prerequisites met: they demonstrate fully integrated increments of value to the right stakeholders. And yet, as practice shows, many organizations don’t get real value out of it. A strong marker in this case is whether or not the stakeholders update the course of action after the demo and whether teams are asked to adjust their plans based on that. If yes, then very likely this is an example of a good feedback loop that fulfills its purpose. If not, than the management is simply using Agile demos to the same effect as they used to use milestones in the traditional sense, as strictly a way to check progress on a master plan that is not going to change.

Other examples…

Feedback Loop Marker
UAT User scenarios and possibly user goals get modified
Automated Test Run Developers (not testers!) find defects in their newly created code
Deployment Status New aspects of configurations get automated and properly version-controlled


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