Why Org Mindset?

We are in the second decade of Agile adoption as an industry and despite such a considerable time, the core problem remains: organizations are trying to adopt Agile practices, but their mentality prevents them from succeeding.

Multiple industry reports and surveys consistently show that most organizations’ mindset and culture are remaining at odds with Lean and Agile values and principles. This is not some “nice-to-have” objectives, we are talking about a fundamental problem that prevents enterprises from achieving sustainable business benefits from Agile adoption.

As part of most of such implementations of Agile and Lean, the old reductionist mindset simply changes the skin while at its essential level remaining a Taylorist view of the world. Most of the change agents frankly don’t have the tools to address this phenomenon and fall into the same trap as the multitudes of their peers across the industry: they charge right into the adoption of practices. The outcomes of that approach is known quite well…

  • Agile is simply viewed as an iterative and incremental way of implementing an already known master-plan
  • Teams held accountable to deviations in estimates
  • Predictability becomes the ultimate goal, not the customer value
  • Experimentation is factored out as failure is not an option. With that vanish multiple economic opportunities.
  • Obsession with proxy-metrics reaches new horizons. Output is far more important than outcomes. And most importantly…
  • The creative power of collaborating knowledge workers remains extremely underutilized. All eyes are on linear productivity of individuals.

This happens because a big chunk is missing in the puzzle of Agile adoption: understanding of how to operate as part of a Complex Adaptive System, which every product development enterprise is. The mindset that embraces complexity is exact opposite to the reductionist mentality, the source of so many problems. Without bringing the organization to clear understanding of a different ruleset for how to operate in an environment of complexity, there is no reprieve from the vicious cycle that only reinforces legacy thinking.

At Org Mindset we are here to help you with tools and adoption patterns that address the mentality first and allow to build a successful Lean-Agile enterprise that continuously explores newer and better economic opportunities and establishes fast value delivery channels to the customer.

Feels like a great point to start the journey into the new world of adoption strategies. We recommend that you start by familiarizing yourself with the topic of the new mindset.