Organizational Culture and Game Theory: The Key Factor for Your Lean-Agile Transformation

By | August 2, 2017

Most enterprise transformations stumble over unproductive organizational culture that involves excess internal competition, politics, various uncooperative scenarios and resistance to Agile and Lean values. Join Alex Yakyma in his webinar to learn about the fundamental forces behind culture and how to help it grow in the right direction. As part of the discussion, Alex will talk about:

• Cultural scenarios as dynamic games

• The double life of the enterprise: actual vs. declared values

• The failure of HR as we know it

• Culture evolution through scenario discovery

• Incentive compatibility with the flow of value

• Cultures that foster collaboration as a dominant strategy

• Individual vs. group values in the enterprise

• Self-organization as a system equilibrium

This is the third webinar in Org Mindset’s Summer Webinar Series with the goal to help enterprise coaches and change leaders acquire better tools to succeed with their mission.