New Podcast: Managing Assumptions and Risks in Complex Organizations – Michael Kuesters and Alex Yakyma

By | February 28, 2018

Michael Kuesters was on my podcast recently, folks. This was Michael’s second appearance (you can find the first podcast recording here). It was great to virtually host him (he feels a lot like a family now…) and discuss an interesting topic that every enterprise that depends on software or systems development for their success, has to deal with one way or the other. We talked about many things: the danger of reaching a comfort zone in managing assumptions and risks, cognitive biases that can stand in the way, raising hidden assumptions to the explicit level, how assumptions come into existence, “strong” and “weak” assumptions, applying Occam’s razor to assumptions and risks, obsessing with predictability, the trick with building confidence based on prior project successes, using pre-mortems and much more.

And yes, we talked about winning jackpot three times in a row… Because it’s surprisingly connected to some enterprise practices.

Here’s the podcast recording:

To find Michael’s books, use the following links:

Extreme Agility:

Spirit of Scrum:




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